Welcome to the e-Science City!

Explore our online city and find out more about the world of grids, volunteer computing, supercomputing, and networks.

The e-ScienceCity is brought to you by e-ScienceTalk, reporting on the success stories of Europe's e-Infrastructures through blogs, videos, policy briefings, social media, websites and an international newsletter, International Science Grid This Week.

The e-ScienceCity builds on the award-winning GridCafé website.

The e-ScienceCity region is also hosted in 3D on the New World Grid, a virtual world run by the non-profit organisation Virtus, based on OpenSim technology. Our new virtual e-ScienceCity island is part of an OpenSim pilot, to create and evaluate a virtual venue dedicated to e-science and e-learning. You are warmly invited to explore our new island – entrance is free and transport should be trouble-free!

We hope you enjoy exploring e-ScienceCity. As you may know we're still building and growing the site so if you have any comments or suggestions for us we'd love to hear them! Just drop us an email