Welcome to High Performance Computing (HPC) Tower. Here in our stunning atrium, you can see our special HPC tree.

    It’s high-throughput because it produces fruit all year round. If you’d like to take a tour of the tower, please line up for the data elevator. It’s ready to whizz you to the answers you’re looking for at the fastest speed possible. Mind the doors!

    Each floor in HPC tower is dedicated to a different aspect of HPC – that means supercomputing. From our data elevator you can choose what floor to visit and what you'd like to find out about.

    For a quick introduction, visit Supercomputing in 30": including What is HPC?, Why do we need HPC? and Types of HPC. You can also find out how HPC works, learn something about the history of HPC, and consider some of the debated topics in supercomputing.

    As if that wasn’t enough, we also have information on HPC and grids and some exciting supercomputing projects being showcased at the top of the tower!


    iSGTW - high-performance computing